Niagara Falls Attractions

Enjoy Your Niagara Falls Attractions for Its Adventurous, Exciting and Wonderful Experience

Falls passing in the Canada surprised!!! Yes, this time, we are taking you to the whitewater flows that run in Canada. Well, the famous Niagara Falls is ideally located in America but is acts as a separating boundary for America and Canada as well. You would be wondering what this is all about. Hey, then wait for few minutes, your anxiousness will be covered through the blog, where we will make it clear Why Canadian Niagara Falls, not an American one. Explore niagara falls attractions with and make your trip ever most memorable. Save on your adventure pass as well!!!

niagara falls adventure pass

How to proceed for Niagara Falls, Canada?

Many of our customers asked us, “Is there any difference between American and Canadian Niagra Falls, most of them were foreigners, well we clearly answer them with a big ‘Yes’”. Well, this is why we have kept our touring proposals transparent and unambiguous. You need not worry while proceeding for Canada with us, if you are a foreigner, you must keep your valid passport and visa. For United States natives, the only passport is needed. Else, we also provide a map of the route, if you need to reach directly to the location from anywhere else.

Magical and Charismatic Niagra  Falls, Canada-

The destination has no parallels.  The top of Skylon Tower to the bottom of Horseshoe Falls, the water flow has an awesome look and must chill you with its cool and scintillating views. Ontario, Canada located Falls give a day-night roar and refreshment and amazingly far-reaching mist and reminding us how astounding and incredible our world is.

There is a lot of adventure to experience with the marvel of gazing to numerous wonderful points including adrenaline-fueled activities including whitewater jet boats. The whitewater has many arrays to attract the tourists.

Travel Tips-

We ensure the safety and protection of our each and every tourist, whether they are old age, child or adult. We provide them complete travel tips to make their trip enjoyable in the best possible ways.

What kinds of wears are preferred?

Niagara Falls, Canada sees the coldest months in November to March, when the temperature goes beyond 00C. Snowfall gets heavier in winter. April to October is brisk. June to August is better to visit the Falls. So, pack your bag accordingly.

niagara falls attractions

Credit Cards & Banking Facility-       

Most of the North American credit cards like, American Express, Diners Club, Enroute and others are welcome in Niagra. 24 hour ATM service with interbank cash transactions is also available.

Currency Exchange-

We like to know our visitors in advance about the currency exchange policies in Canada. The rates of exchange may vary with some financial establishments, so you are advised to exchange your money at a bank or a Currency Exchange Center.

Well, with all these pieces of information, you can save on niagara falls adventure pass to make your trip more and more enjoyable. We welcome you to world’s one of the most adventurous and exciting whitewater flow and that is Niagara Falls.



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