Segway Tours- An Exciting and Thrilling Way to Explore Washington, DC Beauty and Culture

Well, there was a time when tourists were served buses and trains to discover the places, but now tourism has become more exciting and adventurous with segway. The two-wheeled motorized vehicle is no lesser than its competing transporters and it will definitely give the pleasure of watching the beautiful locations of the city. Attractions4us, your tour planner has taken you, this time, to catch and discover several places in America on the small bike like a vehicle, come with us on a superb journey to locate your sites and monuments with us.

Segway Tours

Something about Segway first-

The two-wheeled vehicle offers enough space to make you stand and give you proper balance what you get in other vehicles. Else, the vehicle is completely motorized and proffers you feel of buses. Also, the wheeled bike is eco-friendly and does not produce pollution. So, what could be better than Segway Tours to ride for your sightseeing locations?

Now, we will take you to different locations where you can your riding sightseeing activities-

Capitol Sites Segway Tour- The best way to visit Washington, DC is Capital sites guided bike tour. Washington, DC is one of oldest cities in America and also conserves history and culture. Before you start your tour, we provide essential information regarding the visiting places located here in order to make you friendlier to the city. You can learn about the sites on and around Capitol Hill and the National Mall, including Supreme Court, World War II Memorial, Capitol Building, Smithsonian Museums, the Washington Monument and much more.

There are other places also where you can have splendid views like Library of Congress, Memorial to Japanese-American Patriotism, Smithsonian Castle, and several similar museums, Korean War Veterans Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial, all these places will really take you into the past imagining the epic era of USA.

Terms & Conditions of Tour-

  1. Verbal or written notification about the cancellation of tour and rental must be received before 48 hours of the start of the tour.
  2. No need to pay fully if your reservation has been directly confirmed with Roll and Bike for which a guide has been assigned.
  3. Guided bike tour includes comfortable rental bike with helmet, bottled water, and snack.
  4. Gratuities are not entertained.

We also take you to the monuments seeing-

Segway Tours

Spend few hours with us in watching epic “The Washington Monument, Jefferson Monument, Martin Luther King Memorial, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Albert Einstien Memorial and the White House”. We take you to each and every corner of these places and get the best information for you so that you can take few snaps from the history.

We also like to provide some valuable information about the tour-

  1. Tour starts at 2 PM between Nov1 –Nov 23.

There are some other tourist locations where our guided rental bike tour is also available. We welcome you to the Washington, DC, for catching the best Segway Tours Experience ever with us. Come and discover your interest.


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