Statue Of Liberty Tickets


In New York there is nothing more appealing than the beautiful, astonishing, ecstatic ‘Statue of Liberty’. A person who has ever been to New York would have definitely visit The Statue of Liberty and if you are planning to visit New York than it is going to be in Your ‘MUST VISIT’ list. This monument is a gigantic elegant sculpture on Liberty Island in the city of New York.The statue is  a robed female figure representing Libertas, the Roman goddess, who bears a torch and a tabella ansata (a tablet evoking the law) upon which the date of the Declaration of Independence of America is inscribed, July 4, 1776. There is also a broken chain which lies at her feet. The statue is an icon of freedom and was a welcoming sight to immigrants arriving from other parts of the world.This Statue has become the center of attraction for the tourists as it is an identity of the city.After hearing so much about it you must be planning to visit this renowned monument and certainly you must be looking for its ticket’s price as well.

If you take a ferry to The Statue of Liberty u will experience the beauty of the splendid city of New York. So visit the Liberty Island and take a perfect picture of Lady Liberty.


The Statue of Liberty National Monument opens its arms for a large number of visitors daily. The visitors need to buy a ticket for ferry transportation.Once you get the tickets then that single ticket has a multiple use,including the access to both Liberty Island and Ellis Island.The tickets can be purchased prior the journey i.e. both online (through websites)or from the ticket window near the ferry departure points in New York City and in New Jersey. To make your life less hectic you should go for E-tickets which will in turn make the sightseeing less tiring and more memorable. The ticket prices are different for adults, senior citizens and minors.

Another advantage of pre booking of Statue of Liberty tickets is you don’t have to stand in the long queue-sat the ticket window or for boarding the ferries. Your E-Ticket with a timed reservation ensures Priority Check-in and Boarding on the date of your visit.After getting the tickets done, the visitors have to go through the security check just to avoid any malicious activity and to ensure the safety of all the tourists. To make this journey more tourist friendly there is something new being introduced which is called Audio tours, it is very helpful for foreign tourists as it has many Foreign languages. This means that with the purchase of every ticket there is an audio tour, which complement the National Park Service (NPS) Ranger-led tours on the islands and certainly provide a major enhancement to the visitor experience on both islands.

So nothing is as tough as it may look to you.It is as easy as anything. You can get your tickets as earliest as possible with no hassle. But be particular about doing it prior as it is very important for the first time visitor so that it doesn’t spoil your pleasure of travelling and exploring the richness of New York city as it can be a lifetime experience to you which will stay with you forever.


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