6 Smart Tips for Visiting the Statue Of Liberty With Kids

Visiting the Statue of Liberty is one of the exciting tours for the people living in New York City. In the summer season, it becomes quite struggling as visitors need to wait in long lines for the ferry, but don’t worry here you will come to know about easy tips which will make your trip exciting and comfortable with the kids.

Allow Plenty of Time for Each Place

Especially when you are visiting Statue of Liberty Walking Tour With Kids it is always important to spend plenty of time in each place in order to let your kids enjoy the visit. While moving for Statue of Liberty Walking Tours it’s recommended to arrive about 2 hours prior at the ferry so as to avoid waiting in long lines.

Prefer to Visit on Weekdays

Usually, the crowd is seen on the weekends or in the summer time. If you are visiting with your kids then it’s better to choose a time when there are fewer crowds. Try to visit on weekdays so that you can get the first ferry of the day to enjoy your tour. Also, you should buy the tickets in advance before you visit the place.

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Pack a Picnic

There are lots of places where you can enjoy a picnic with your kids during Statue of Liberty Walking Tours. People can get their food stuff packed and enjoy them in the spaces available in the Liberty Island. These spaces would offer a good time to play with kids.

Get Prepared for the Sun

If the weather seems to be warm and bright, its recommended to get enough water and sunblock to stay protected from the sun. When you are visiting with your kids then its highly necessary to carry food and water. You will not get much shade on the Liberty Island so it’s important to be protected from sunburn. If you think to trek the Statue of Liberty Crown then you must keep water with you as the temperature is much warmer than outside.

Know About the Bathrooms

The major problem with people who visit with their kids to any tourist attraction site is that they cannot find a bathroom. Parents don’t have to worry as there are sufficient bathrooms on the ferry as well as on Liberty Island which can be easily found. Parents should locate bathrooms at first in order to avoid rushing later on.

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Kids Entertaining Things

Parents may think that kids would get bored during Statue of Liberty Walking Tours but it’s not the case. Statue of Liberty has various activities for the kids as per their age differences. For kids ages, 6-10 years can enjoy the audio tour which is offered in kid version. For children ages 7-12, there is a Junior Ranger Program to enjoy their tour.

People visiting the Statue of Liberty must keep their important stuff in the lockers allotted. When you are moving inside the statue, only camera and small purses are allowed so try to leave rest of the stuff in the lockers.

Visiting new places with your kids can be quite difficult but using above mentioned smart tips and tricks will let you and  your kids enjoy the trip.

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