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Things you should know when visiting the Statue Of Liberty

If you are looking for an exciting visit in New York City then Statue Of Liberty is the one of the best places. Not only couples, families can also enjoy in this visit. There are various things which not only entertain kids but adults too. Here you will be informed about the top things which will help you to make your visit lovely and memorable.

Spend Plenty of Time

Statue of Liberty Walking Tours comprises of various places so rather than making hurry try to spend plenty of time at each place. This will not only offer relaxation but also help to know about the beauty of that place, you may also get the guide who can tell the importance of the places.

Choose Weekdays to Visit

If you are planning to visit with your family then you must visit on weekdays to avoid the heavy crowd. During the weekdays, you may get a chance to pick first ferry of the day. It’s always recommended to buy tickets beforehand to avoid any inconvenience.

Get Some Food With You

Statue of Liberty Walking Tours will help you spend your entire day so do not forget to pack some food which can be enjoyed in the parks of the Statue of Liberty. Having food in such an exciting place is extremely enjoying. You can either cook from your home or can get it packed from the nearby places. When you are visiting with your kids then it’s very important to have some food when you are out for the entire day.

(FILEminimizer) BMB_6952
Statue of Liberty

Get Sunblock With You

Statue of Liberty place is mostly open to the sun, so it’s necessary to carry sunblock with you in order to protect your skin from sunburn. You must carry enough water as you need to spend the entire day in this visit and there are certain places which are of high temperature.

Never Carry Precious Item On The Visit

It is highly recommended not to carry the precious items like gold, expensive gadgets, etc on the visit as no one would be responsible if they get lost. Lockers are provided for the people to keep their necessary things but even then, try to avoid taking precious items.

Where Are The Bathrooms

The Statue of Liberty Walking Tours is complete day visit so you should know where are the bathrooms located especially when you are visiting with the small kids its highly important. Almost every place of the statue of the liberty may offer washroom facility but you cannot run in search of the bathroom at the last moment.

Statue of Liberty

People often love to explore the statue of liberty. When you will enter the statue may find that temperature is much higher than outside, it’s because there is no air conditioner inside the statue. The visit inside the statue is very exciting and daring as you need to climb the statue to explore its height.

statue of liberty tickets
Statue of Liberty Tour

Statue of Liberty Walking Tours offers great visiting experience to those who want to enjoy their entire day. So, get yourself ready for the visit and book your tickets.



Thrill of lifetime: Enjoy Niagara Falls Helicopter Ride

Planning a trip to New York and don’t know what to do? There is so much to do when you are visiting NYC. You can choose one of the NYC helicopter tour in order to make your trip memorable. The tour offers a bird eye view of New York landmark such as Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 Memorial,Niagara Falls, and central park.

One of the most recognized views of the world is Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls Day Trip offers a breath taking aerial tours with an incredible success with millions of satisfied visitors each year, Niagara Falls helicopter rides is must watch one time experience.

Overview: Niagara Falls day trip

Experience the Niagara Falls from helicopter never like before, from all new perspective. this time make your trip special and ride with your loved ones in air above the Fall with a 20-minute journey. enjoy the incredible sight of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls, Bridal Veil, and the America.

Horseshoe Falls Sunset.jpg
Niagara Falls in Sunset

Discover the Niagara from eagle’s eye perspective. These tours provide the best sight of Niagara Falls, More than just a helicopter ride.


  • All entrance fee included
  • Soar over Niagara Falls on the lake
  • Soak up panoramic sights of the Niagara: a momentous landmark of all time & wine country
  • Travel with an expert pilot
  • Comprehensive commentary throughout 20-minute helicopter ride

What to expect

From the eye level on the street you can see the view of Niagara Falls. The other option to view the Niagara Falls is to take a boat ride if you want to ride at the edge, but which is seasonal. It is always convenient to check the availability of the rides before check-in. However, nowhere you can experience the view like from the sky, flying high above the greatest natural wonder on the earth.

Located in the heart of United States, begin your Niagara Falls helicopter tour at the Niagara District Airport. A professional pilot will ride the helicopter for an exciting journey of 20 minutes or more deepening upon the package you enrol for.

Niagara Falls

Appreciate the amazing falls beauty from the air as the helicopter flies straight over the top. Also fly high above numerous other significant landmarks and the region’s renowned wine region. The aerial sights are so incredible that you don’t want to forget your camera to capture that special moment which you can share with your loved ones back home. On top of this, get luck to see some superb rainbow which is a lifetime experience.

What you should know

  • Operating hours: 09:00am – 06:30pm (all day)
  • Price: Less than $250
  • Discounts: Children’s and group tours
  • Access: Wheelchair
  • Available: Guided tour, Audio tour, Gift shop, and Café

For a truly amazing experience, Niagara Falls day trip offers a diverse speciality flights. tourist can be whisked away  for a romantic helicopter ride to say, ‘I Do’ and enjoy special wedding over the Niagara or take a one day man cation adventurous tour.

San Diego Dinning Cruise

San Diego Dinning Cruise

From the moment you step onto our dock you’ll be invited with a complimentary glass of champagne then escorted to your seat as our group will transport you into a universe of comfort, classiness and benevolence. You will site in comfort on board one of our rich and sumptuous vessels, as you will find the opportunity to experience 25 pleasant miles of the North and South solid. In the midst of your visiting voyage you’ll not simply find the opportunity to see dumbfounding sights from the water yet skim on the San Diego harbor Cruise while dinning in the finest San Diego restaurant.

Your sights consolidate the amazing and outstanding harbor of San Diego. Submarines from the US naval force, Shelter Island and clearly the taking off Coronado associate that you find the opportunity to acknowledge while going under are all sights you will find the opportunity to enjoy on board our San Diego Dinning Cruise .Also most of the other incredible and ordinary sights that happens discretionarily and day by day. Appreciate an extreme, gourmet 3-course dinner masterminded new by on board cooks, then move the night away under the stars to unrecorded music or watch the sights coast by from the outside decks. Your 3-course dinner will start of with mixed greens ran with julienned granny smith apples, sun dried tomatoes, cranberries, and blue cheddar deteriorates. Next you will have your choice in a two section congruity course including moderate over-braised meat short ribs coordinated with pesto marinated over cooked gigantic shrimp, or vegetarian kind estimated stuffed shells Florentine in a cream tomato sauce. Delighted in a lavish Monte Bianco cake with layers of chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, whipped cream and white chocolate shavings with complimentary coffee or tea will fill in as the evening times dessert.

San Diego Sightseeing Cruise

We offer unmistakable groups considering the dominant part of our dinners paying little mind to what you are looking for. We are sure that we have the right things and groups for you. If you might need to go the extra mile we offer an encouraged bar including most of your refreshments or you may keep running with the no-have cash bar. To get the best involvement and certification you San Diego dinner adventure is all that you expect that it will be, you’ll should be set up to board at 6:00 p.m., which continues going from 6:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. It will be a night that you’ll be examining for a significant long time and one you’ll have the ability to recollect for a significant long time.

Journey from New York to Boston

Boston is located about 220 miles northeast of New York City. This iconic city known as New England city has a population of nearly about 650,000 and is one of the oldest cities in America. It has played an important role in the American Revolution, which can be explored by walking the 2.5 mile Freedom Trail which covers many of the important landmarks. In addition, the Quincy Market, the Boston Museum of Science, and Fenway Park are all popular Boston attractions.

To get from New York to Boston there are several transportation options.

New York to Boston

New York city is connected to Boston by various paths.  So you can take the one which is favorable to you and comfortable in every sense. Basically train and bus services are the favorable one and amongst these two also train journey is considered to be much safe and faster.All you need to do is to get the tickets with nominal charges and assure a comfortable and relaxing journey. Some may argue that it is costlier as compared to the journey by bus but it is not the only fact as comfort is definitely par above anything and less time and more comfort adds on to it and makes it most favorable  mode of travelling.  Even then if you are not convinced then you should certainly ask for the experiences of those who have travelled by both these means and let their experience choose the one which may prove comfortable for you too and then experience yourself.

You can book your train tickets online prior to the journey and get the assured ticket by checking the status and all.You can also check the fare as discounts are given to Senior citizens and to the minors. You can book a one way trip or the round trip as per your requirement. One more reason why one should go for the train because journey is hassle free as you will not have to bear the hustle and rush of the vehicles running on the road and also you will  not stuck into the traffic jams and congested by pass. You can also get the lowest available fares just like you get in airlines, if you book your travel few days in advance. Not only this, the journey too is of less than 4 Hours comparatively shorter than the other modes.

With comfortable seating, electrical outlets and extra storage space for your luggage, you’ll have a  relaxed journey  to your destination. Don’t forget to see the Manhattan skyline as you leave New York and travel north to explore Boston, MA, or make your way south towards the Smithsonian museums in Washington, DC.

New York To Boston Train

New York to Boston train journey gets you to enjoy the sights with more pleasure than the one gets through bus or other means.

But before going for the journey be very much clear about the terms and conditions so that you don’t face any mess later on , So points to ponder are:-

  • Make sure that the day of travel is not a Blackout day as train services are abandoned on those days.
  • Children and infants are only allowed to travel when travelling with an adult. No Escort service is provided like in Airlines.
  • In most of the cases the fare is non-refundable.refund is given only in some special cases.